Camp Payment



  1. Register by filling out the registration form, one for EACH camper.
  2. Enter the number of campers you wish to pay for and then click ‘Add to Cart’. This will add a $25 discount on each additional camper, for up to $125 off!
  3. Once added to the cart, click ‘View Cart’ to make payment.

*Have a Campership Grant? Or you want to just pay the deposit now, and the rest later?  Then please pay the camp deposit here.

$25 off for each additional child, (up to 6).


KCBC provides summer camping for children age 8 to 12

“A healthful camping environment for instruction of children.”

July 12-17, 2020 – Ages 8-12 – The purpose of KCBC is to create a healthful camping environment for instruction of children, young people and adults in spiritual matters, seeking to impress the need to accept Jesus Christ as personal Saviour with guidelines for living the Christian life.